2020közösség.org (or 2020community.org) was created by the cooperation of Hungarian Jewish community organizations, religious denominations and individual community members in response to the crisis unfolding parallel to the coronavirus pandemic in Hungary. The goal of this platform is to guide the Jewish community through the pandemic, provide credible information to community members and serve as an online space for entities which assist the community during the crisis.

There are 5 main functions of the website. 

  1. Providing information for people looking for help or assistance. On this subpage we listed all organizations and community initiatives that provide help during the crisis.
  2. Providing information for people looking for volunteer work in the community. On this subpage we listed all organizations and community initiatives that work with volunteers and are currently recruiting volunteers.   
  3. Sharing online content. On this subpage we collected digital and online content under different categories from community institutions, organizations and community leaders.
  4. Promoting online community events. On the main page you can find a community event calendar embed from luah.hu.   
  5. Showcasing relevant community media. Also on the main page you can find news from all relevant Jewish community media in Hungary.   

As this tool was created for the members of the Hungarian Jewish community, most of the content is available only in Hungarian. However, we would like to serve as a basic resource for users who do not speak Hungarian, therefore we have collected some useful information about the current situation in Hungary and the Jewish community.


What to do if there is an emergency?

If you find yourself in an emergency, you should call 112 from any cellphone or landline for free. An English operator should be available. This number is operated by first responder units of the Government of Hungary and in no way connected to the Jewish Community.


How can I reach Jewish community organizations?

The largest Jewish community organizations in Hungary are the Federation of Jewish Communities in Hungary (MAZSIHISZ) and the Chabad-affiliated Unified Hungarian Jewish Congregation (EMIH).

Regarding religious matters, there is comprehensive information in English on the website of EMIH.

Both MAZSIHISZ and EMIH operate 24/7 telephone numbers, however there is no guarantee that they speak English on the other end of the line:

MAZSIHISZ (24/7): +36 30 541 8771
EMIH (24/7): +36 30 725 0364


What is the current situation in Hungary and how can I stay updated?

Currently there is a state of danger in Hungary and the Government has emergency powers to deal with the unfolding pandemic. In the meantime, there are temporary rules in effect restricting movement in Budapest and Pest county – the hardest hit areas of the country by the coronavirus. If you want to stay updated, the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister maintains a website in English about Hungary with regular updates on the developments regarding the pandemic in Hungary.

Leading independent news sites Telex and 444 both have regular content in English. You can access them here and here.